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Why Realty Consultants International?

Your Personalized Brokerage Solutions

Before you hop on Zillow or search MLS listings through the Internet Data Exchange (IDX), contact the Michigan realty experts. Whether you’re building equity and minimizing taxes, gathering IDX information in your property search, or pursuing the perfect sales agreement, Jim and Kim Agemy are here to help.

Nearly 50 Years of Max Results for Clients

Protect your rights as a buyer or seller. Are you a buyer seeking suitable house types and loan pre-approval? Are you a seller unsure about the ideal price point or what work your home requires to be market-ready? You deserve the best information, services, and deal for your goals and dreams. With a top team of realtors across seven states and two countries, Realty Consultants International has the specialists you need and deserve.

Jim, Kim, and their team will work out all the nuances of the sale, sort out all the financing options, negotiate tirelessly, and close the deal!

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