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The county features more than 17,000 acres of parks and recreational spaces and is equipped with more than 155 miles of non-motorized trails. Fishing, boating and kayaking opportunities abound on the Clinton River and Lake St. Clair. Great entertainment can be found at Macomb County’s spectacular golf courses, popular retail destinations, delectable restaurants, top-notch breweries and local festivals.

Macomb County is characterized by dynamic urban clusters, expansive networks of industry and commerce, pristine natural features and bountiful agricultural lands. From the densely-populated southern cities to the rural northern villages, Macomb County possesses a wealth of assets that make it a desirable place to live, work and play!

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Dream Homes for Sale in Macomb County, MI

In your mind, you can see it clearly: an idyllic home and lifestyle set along Michigan’s. You envision a home for your family and loved ones, a quiet, comfortable community where you can come home every day to your own personal sanctuary.

But How Do You Achieve It?

Many prospective homeowners and sellers are nervous. They see the unpredictable shifts in property values. They worry about skyrocketing interest rates and mortgages. How do they navigate? How do they make offers? Will they be able to close when it matters – and how will that impact their future?

Your worries and concerns are completely understandable. And with a top Macomb County realtor at your side, they’re also completely manageable. In fact, our Michigan experts not only help buyers, but excel in all aspects of the real estate industry.

Whether you’re looking to buy house in Macomb County or list it on the market, you need a team of experienced Michigan realtors you can fully trust.

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Buy/Sell your house in Macomb County, MI

A Double-Diamond Global Brokerage

Realize Your Dream With Realty Consultants International

When you consult a realtor, you deserve a professional with consummate experience. A specialist who has helped clients across the spectrum, from first-time buyers to luxury home sellers and investors in blue-belt new constructions. 

You want an expert a cut above the rest, with a proprietary system based on an extensive background in marketing, financing, and data analytics. Most importantly of all, you want a strategic partnership. A real estate firm you can turn to again and again with trusted, predictable results.

Spotlighted in acclaimed magazines like Broker Advisor and Real Producers, Jim and Kim Agemy are exactly what you’re looking for. Jim and Kim are Michigan locals. Not only have they spent their lives and raised their family in Michigan, but they also host nationally recognized podcasts, and have mentored and trained numerous agents, brokers, and real estate professionals in the country and beyond.

Ready to buy house in Macomb County or sell house in Macomb County?

Are You Looking to Buy in Macomb County? Buyer’s Market

Purchase Your Macomb County Home Hassle-Free

When searching for houses for sale in Macomb County, MI, you deserve local experts who understand the market. Today’s real estate trends are shifting, and with potential economic struggles coming soon, some experts stand out from others.

Brokered by eXp Realty, LLC, Kim and Jim have 45 years of experience, information, and data. Their growing team includes agents in seven states and two countries. Given their unique expertise in finance and data, they can anticipate market trends before others, providing buyers with a strategic window for competitive offers. 

Jim and Kim will help you find the perfect home for your dreams, secure commonsense financing, and negotiate a full-proof purchase agreement that meets your budget.

When you need to buy a house in Macomb County, take advantage of their one-stop services and avoid the stressful, time-consuming, and money-draining process of typical home buying.

Are You a Seller in Macomb County, MI?

Selling shouldn’t be a painstaking process. When you’re stressed about securing a great offer on your house, you need experts who can see the markets before they happen. With rising interest rates, strategic price points are now critical

Every home has a story, and we’ll ensure yours ends with a bang!  

Need to sell house in Macomb County smoothly?

House Sell

A Simple Six-Step Home Sale Process


Step 1

Get Your MI Home Market-Ready

Make the most of your Macomb Co. open house. Using our eXp Realty, LLC, resources, we'll help you get everything staged, the property site properly spotlighted, and any exterior and interior issues resolved. With the best tips, strategies, and information, we'll help make your MI home look stellar!

Step 2

Assess Your Tailored Marketing Plan

When you sell house in Macomb County with us, you benefit from 45 years of experience. We will design an updated marketing plan customized for your specific property, sale, and goals. Our PROPRIETARY marketing and advertising system gets you MAXIMUM convertible leads.

Step 3

Top-Tier Professional Photography

A photo speaks a thousand words and can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Use professional photography and imagery to enhance sales potential and accentuate open-house features and assets. With professional photos, you can improve online clicks by 139% and quadruple buyer inquiries!

Step 4

Employ Our Proprietary Marketing Scheme

Your top-notch website is coming soon. Our Macomb Co., MI, clients benefit from all types of custom landing pages, blog posts, pay-per-click and pay-per-impression ad campaigns, sales funnels, email chain marketing, mailbox deliveries, consumer link-building, audience aggregation, and more! We believe your rights are your rights, so we do everything to make your sale easy. A killer website is a big piece of the real estate puzzle.

Step 5

Premier MI Open House Showings

Brokered by eXp Realty, LLC, Jim and Kim Agemy recognize that a Michigan open house is more than a display or tour. It's a full-fledged real estate event! We use our expert connections to drive interest, convert leads, and turn your Mega Open House into a Michigan spectacle! We take every showing to the absolute max.

Step 6

Review Your MI Offers

With great offers coming in, we'll take the reins and carefully analyze your options and opportunities. We'll also closely review the transactional health of each prospective real estate buyer. Is the buyer able to obtain reliable financing? Are there other financial or life circumstances that may affect you, the seller? As fellow shareholders, we always do our due diligence.

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Guaranteed Results from Michigan Real Estate EXPERTS

Powered by eXp Realty, LLC

At Realty Consultants International, we understand the difficulty of MI realty transactions. If you’re selling, you want a competitive price for the house you’ve called home, one that doesn’t scare away buyers but still reflects your property’s worth. And when buying, you’re worried about financing. You’re worried about timing. You’re wondering if you’re paying too much or offering too little. 

No matter your goals and needs, whether you’re an investor already building equity and generating income, or a first-time home seller lost in the numbers, you’re not alone! 

With our unmatched expertise and personalized assistance, great results are coming!

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