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Located along the Detroit River, Wayne County is rich in history, culture, arts, and world-class amenities. Wayne County is home to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Michigan Opera Theater, Detroit Institute of Arts, the Henry Ford, and dozens of theaters, art galleries, concert halls and major sports teams.















Top Homes for Sale in Wayne County, MI

When you’re looking to move or sell, you want a professional second to none. Many real estate agencies may know the markets, but can they predict them? As interest rates grow more burdensome and buyers and sellers struggle for position, the challenges can intensify. How are you going to obtain appropriate financing? If you’re a seller, how do you stay competitive while not scaring off buyers? Where are the trends heading, and how can you stay ahead?

With nearly 1,800,000 residents, Wayne County is home to the automotive hub of Detroit, and is also full of many secure, middle-class communities like Livonia, Allen Park, and Garden City. But before you move, sell, or invest in Wayne County, you need agents you can trust.

Agents Who Make It Easy 

You’ve got a life to lead. So lead it! Don’t spend hours worrying about market data, negotiations, and complex paperwork. Our senior consultants bring incredible depth and understanding to all of Michigan’s markets, making any real estate process a breeze. Leveraging our strategic partnerships, our one-stop services address your needs from start to finish.

Need to buy a house in Wayne County despite tight finances? Looking to sell your house in Wayne County hassle-free and at a great price?

Whether you’re considering coming soon to visit or looking to find the perfect realtors to handle your transaction, one thing’s certain: Wayne County, MI, is a great place to be. With reputable schools, world-class industries, and desirable communities, this county has something for everyone. With the right realtors, purchasing and selling homes can be hassle-free.

Wayne County

Buy/Sell your house in Wayne County, MI

Why Realty Consultants International?

Your Personalized Brokerage Solutions

Before you hop on Zillow or search MLS listings through the Internet Data Exchange (IDX), contact the Michigan realty experts. Whether you’re building equity and minimizing taxes, gathering IDX information in your property search, or pursuing the perfect sales agreement, Jim and Kim Agemy are here to help.

Nearly 50 Years of Max Results for Clients

Protect your rights as a buyer or seller. Are you a buyer seeking suitable house types and loan pre-approval? Are you a seller unsure about the ideal price point or what work your home requires to be market-ready? You deserve the best information, services, and deal for your goals and dreams. With a top team of realtors across seven states and two countries, Realty Consultants International has the specialists you need and deserve.

Jim, Kim, and their team will work out all the nuances of the sale, sort out all the financing options, negotiate tirelessly, and close the deal!

Are you looking to sell or buy a house in Wayne County?

Are You Purchasing a Home in Wayne County, MI?

Make Your Purchase In Wayne County, MI, Hassle-Free. Guaranteed.

Consumers’ personal dreams and goals don’t have to falter. We can connect you with top mortgage lenders, local contractors, alternative financing options, and more! You receive top-tier home acquisition services powered by the unique tools and technologies of eXp Realty, LLC.

With homes in Wayne Co. sitting on the market for 33 days in 2023, compared to 13 days in 2022, you need the best agents possible. Whether you’re a non-commercial real estate investor, a family coming soon to the area, or just interested in local markets, our realtors are here!

From bungalows, cottages, and lodges to big-time real estate homes for sale, you can buy your house in Wayne County quickly and painlessly.

House Sell

Selling? Entrust Your New Listings in Wayne County To Us

When selling your property, you want the best data relating home prices, local trends, and market fluctuations. We take the latest IDX information, purpose-driven strategies, and unmatched expertise to get you a price you’ll love.

Because we invest the time and energy needed to help you sell your house in Wayne County at higher-than-average price points!

MAX Out Your Selling Price

Our Six Easy Steps

Step 1

Max Out Your Home's Appeal

Don't just be another listing on Zillow. You want your house to be a home with max appeal that prospective buyers can envision living in. Powered by eXp Realty, LLC, we'll use a full range of tools and resources to elevate your home above competitors. Guaranteed.

Step 2

Optimize Creative Marketing

With our proprietary marketing mechanisms, you enjoy MAX exposure for your property. See why our full-spectrum marketing and advertising plans simply can’t be matched!

Step 3

Highlight Best-in-Class Assets

Photography can make or break a sale. At Realty Consultants International, we believe in professional imagery with top-notch editing and touch-ups. With the perfect interior and exterior photos, you'll highlight your home's best features and

Step 4

Execute Flawless Marketing

Your marketing is coming soon! We create a supercharged website with landing pages, creative blogs, advert campaigns, email updates, conversion funnels, and other critical real estate information!

Step 5

Host Open House Extravaganzas

Show off your home to the MI real estate community. Drawing on top-tier eXp Realty tools and technologies, we'll create a real estate extravaganza. Our specialists know how to take open houses to the next level!

Step 6

Expertly Manage Buyers' Offers

With many offers coming soon, let us handle the hard part. We'll protect your rights as a seller, analyze all information, and negotiate to the best sales price possible when you sell your house in Wayne County.

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Your Double-Diamond Wayne County, MI, Realtors

When you’re interested in hot real estate, unlimited expertise, and top-notch results, don’t get lost on Zillow. Call the best realtors in Wayne County, MI, instead. At Realty Consultants International, if we can’t sell your home, we’ll buy it!

From bungalows, ranches, and split-levels to large colonials and gated estates, we know Wayne Co., MI, real estate better than anyone. Seal the best Michigan deal of your dreams. Secure the sale or purchase you deserve.

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