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If you’re looking to buy a home in Livonia, you’re in for a treat! A picturesque city nestled between Detroit and Ann Arbor, Livonia, MI, is a suburban retreat known for its community-oriented atmosphere, thriving business scene, and family-friendly amenities. This charming city boasts a diverse culture, rich history, and a welcoming community, making it a sought-after destination for homebuyers in the MI real estate market.

Whether you’re on the lookout for a roomy family residence or a snug haven, homes for sale Livonia, MI, cater to every buyer’s unique needs. Between open house events and our full range of real estate services, including reliable financial solutions to ironclad negotiations, home buying with Realty Consultants has never been easier.

Overview of Livonia, Michigan Real Estate

The MI real estate market in Livonia, MI is both vibrant and competitive, making it a rewarding landscape for potential buyers and sellers. The market displays impressive dynamism with properties attracting an average of 6 offers and typically selling within a week. With a median home sale price of $290,000 as of last month, an uptick of 3.6% since the previous year, Livonia exhibits a steady appreciation in property values. Furthermore, the median sale price per square foot now stands at $203, reflecting a slight 0.49% dip from the previous year.

Market Trends in Livonia, Michigan

Delving deeper into Livonia’s real estate trends as of May 2023, the city continues to witness stable growth. With home prices up by 3.6% year over year, properties in Livonia generally sell after being on the market for around a week. Despite a slight decline in the number of homes sold from 120 last year to 115 this year, Livonia’s real estate market demonstrates a healthy turnover rate.

From an investment perspective, Livonia’s real estate market offers robust returns, with homes selling on average for 3% above the list price. The market is characterized by multiple offers per property, and most homes go pending within a week.


Migration trends indicate a fascinating dynamic at play in Livonia. From March to May 2023, 28% of Livonia homebuyers intended to move out of the city, while a majority, 72%, expressed a desire to stay within the metropolitan area. Livonia is attracting attention from out-of-state buyers, particularly from metros such as Washington DC, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. On the flip side, Livonia residents looking to relocate showed a preference for destinations such as Chicago, Grand Rapids, and Cape Coral.

Types of Homes in Livonia, MI

Livonia, located in MI 48152, is home to diverse architectural styles from cozy ranch-style houses to modern multi-level homes. The market primarily consists of single-family homes, making up around 75% of the city’s housing. Whether you’re looking for a single family home with a spacious backyard or a semi-attached property, Realty Consultants will help you find the perfect home in a neighborhood that serves the needs and desires of your family.

Neighborhoods in Livonia, Michigan

From Old Rosedale Gardens known for its historic homes and tree-lined streets, to the upscale homes in the Coventry Gardens, Livonia’s neighborhoods cater to a range of budgets and lifestyle preferences. Each neighborhood offers a unique charm, with local amenities and the real estate market varying slightly from one area to another.

Simplify your home search, secure your financing, sharpen your bid, and buy a new home with minimal hassle. Engage with the leaders in Michigan’s dynamic home buying and selling market.

Living In Livonia, MI: Local Amenities and Lifestyle

Schools and Education

Livonia boasts an excellent educational system with top-rated schools like Livonia Churchill High School and Webster Elementary School. It is also conveniently close to several esteemed colleges and universities, such as Schoolcraft College and Madonna University.

Recreation and Attractions

The city offers ample recreational opportunities with its numerous parks, trails, and golf courses. Highlights include Rotary Park, a beautiful green space with trails, and the Livonia Civic Center Library. Livonia also hosts annual events like the Spree Festival, adding to the city's vibrant cultural life.

Schools and Shops and Restaurants

Shopping enthusiasts will appreciate the array of local boutiques and the Laurel Park Place mall. As for dining, Livonia is a culinary delight with its local eateries offering everything from traditional American fare to international cuisine.

The ZIP Code of Livonia, MI

Livonia’s primary ZIP code is 48150. However, the city does spread across a few others, including Livonia MI 48152, 48154, and 48167. Whether you’re searching for “48150 homes for sale” or properties in the surrounding ZIP codes, Livonia, MI, has a diverse range of homes waiting for you to explore. Are you ready to dive into the thriving Livonia MI real estate market? Whether you’re buying or selling, Realty Consultants International offers unrivaled expertise and knowledge to help you navigate this exciting journey with ease and simplicity.

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Realty Consultants International: Your Reliable Livonia Real Estate Agents

Personalized Solutions and Lasting Partnerships

Searching for your dream home can often seem like walking a tightrope, balancing work, life, and unexpected challenges. As you initiate the search for homes for sale in Livonia, MI 48152, unforeseen hurdles may arise. However, by engaging with seasoned real estate professionals, you can navigate these challenges confidently and secure the success you desire.

Realty Consultants International provides exceptional support for those interested in Livonia, MI real estate homes. We are dedicated advocates, committed to transforming the dream of a SOLD sign into a tangible reality.

With a strong track record of over $500 million in successful real estate transactions, Realty Consultants International is a trusted name in the realm of top-agent realty in Livonia, MI 48152.

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